5sec Google Maps Standalone


Top selling 5sec Google Maps WordPress plugin is now available as a standalone plugin for any website

No messing with JS, jQuery or complicated syntax. The 5sec concept is here to save you time, money and nerves.

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HTML5 standalone

Responsive, HTML5 valid and super-simple to use - it will fit any website or CMS with ease.


Powered by Google Maps

Any location, any language, any scenario. Google Maps covers it all - from streets to deserts.


Lots of features

If preset options don't fit your needs - change them. From map type to zoom level and more.

True 5sec concept

The map above was generated using only the following code:

<div class="gmap" data-address="New York Times, NY" data-zoom="17" data-height="500px" data-width="100%"></div>